How we do business

We respect your home and property and will make every effort to protect it, for example baseboards, walls, cabinets and countertops.

We clean up after ourselves. After we are done you will never know we were there, except you will have a new looking and protected floor.

We tell all our customers how to properly maintain their floor and where to get the right supplies. This will ensure their floors will last for a long time.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our grout sealer. This sealer protects against oils, greases, and acids such as wine, salsa, cola and so forth.

About Mr Seal it

Mr Seal It was started by Barry Smith in 1995. Prior to that he owned and operated a successful Franchise Restoration and Cleaning Company. (ServiceMaster.) He did everything from fire and water restoration to floor restoration and sealing.

During this time Mr. Smith developed his own cleaners and sealers for natural stone and concrete. He worked closely with a chemist to develop and refine the formulas till they achieved his unique sealers.

Today these sealers are at the forefront of the industry in providing our customers with superior breathable sealers that give outstanding results.